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Mrs. Pepper

Special Educator


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Jennifer Pepper

Imagine fifty energetic children flapping their arms wildly as they run from the north end of a playing field to the south. On their journey across the field they narrowly avoid other children strung together as dangerous power lines, clumped together as thunderclouds or with the hungry eyes of a predator. The children that make the trip cheer and those that don’t must wait on the sideline, but all have a new and exciting understanding of the textbook word, migration. I have migrated with this energetic group of kids. I have seen their bright smiles and their excitement while learning. I understand teaching should be full of multi-sensory lessons and an enthusiastic thoughtfully planned approach. As an educator I have worked creatively and successfully both in the classroom and on community-based field trips, to engage students and enrich their learning while implementing the science curriculum within the public school setting. I have a bachelors of science in Zoology and a Masters of Art in Special Education and am licensed to teach both, but more importantly I have a variety of experiences as an educator in various environments. I held the environmental educators position at Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico where daily I led in-depth tours of this migratory bird sanctuary as well as creating and implementing educational activities for thousands of school children that visited the refugee each season. I have also worked for a local non- profit organization called Hawks Aloft as an environmental educator. This was a very rewarding experience because I was trained to work with live raptors: hawks, falcons and owls. I would bring these magnificent birds before the open and amazed eyes of children. When you have a live bird on your glove, you have a very captive audience. I have also worked as a back country ranger in Yosemite National Park educating adults and children in forest fire safety as well as bear safety (both for the bears and the humans). After working in these settings I chose to become a fully certified public education teacher with certification in area of science and special education. I have worked at Jefferson Middle school, Hayes Middle School, Montezuma Elementary School and Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School and most recently at Eagle Nest Elementary School. As a classroom teacher, without my wild bird on glove, I have acquired an understanding of children with diverse exceptionalities as well as classroom management skills that encourage cooperative activities, respect for other students and appropriate classroom behavior. Working with these children I have developed a teaching style that employs creative approaches to meeting goals stated in the IEPs as well as state standards. I have become an exceptional special education teacher with strengths in the areas of teaching reading and writing, but my first love will always be science. My experiences working at Bosque del Apache and at Hawks Aloft provided me with a wealth of knowledge that will lend itself to integrated and engaging lessons that will directly relate to the environment in and around Eagle Nest Elementary School. I will provide all students with thematic based instruction across the curriculum and will collaborate with classroom teachers and specialists to build and enrich the curriculum daily. I have spent countless hours creating science lessons for all ages and enjoy delivering them in all classrooms throughout my public education career




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