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Updated NMPED Toolkit and new Test to Stay/Play Protocol

From Page 5 of the Nov 1 Toolkit:

"Students and staff participating in test to stay  may ride school transportation and participate  in instructional activities at school. They may also  participate in extracurricular activities, including  athletics. Test to stay is only available to those  individuals who are exposed to COVID-19 in the  school setting. Anyone with exposure to COVID-19 in  the household setting is explicitly prohibited from  participating in test to stay. 

To participate in test to stay requires an individual to  test negative on rapid COVID-19 tests on days one,  three, and five following exposure (day zero is the  day of exposure). A school may require individuals  test more frequently than the required three tests.  When there is a delay in being notified of exposure,  the testing sequence begins on the first day in  which a school is notified of the exposure and the  individual is in attendance. When a testing day  falls on a day that schools are not in session, or a  day that a student is absent, the testing sequence  resumes on the subsequent school day. Failure to  test (regardless of the reason) when the individual is  at school on a required testing day terminates test  to stay for the individual and a return to quarantine  at home for the duration of the quarantine period  is required. 

In the case that an individual participating in test to  stay has a second close contact exposure while on  modified quarantine, the testing sequence must be  restarted for the most recent close contact.  

If an individual on test to stay exhibits COVID-19  symptoms requiring self-isolation, then modified  quarantine is terminated and the individual must  self-isolate at home pending confirmation of a  negative test for COVID-19 and ideally, an alternative  explanation for the symptoms. If COVID-19 is  confirmed, then self-isolation continues for 10 days  following the day that symptoms began.  

All schools are required to participate in test to  stay programs to help ensure more students  may continue in-person learning. Schools without  current capacity to provide regular rapid COVID-19  testing at school should pursue funding and testing  opportunities available through the Department of  Health’s Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC)  grant in an effort to successfully implement test to  stay programs. Additional information, including  registration instructions for the ELC grant, may be  found at Home – NM Schools COVID Testing. Tests are  provided at no cost to schools, and funding through  the grant opportunity may be utilized to hire support  staff, or pay stipends to existing staff, for administration  of the test to stay program.  

Test to stay does not change self-isolation  requirements for those who have tested positive for  COVID-19 and are within the infectious period."


Testing Consent Form - English

Testing Consent Form - Spanish


Toolkit-Nov 1