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COVID 19 School Cancellation Questions & Answers

March 16, 2020

Coronavirus School Cancellation




Monitoring Coursework

All activities offered during the cancelation are voluntary.

Counselors, teachers, and principals will be setting up conferences with high school seniors during this time to ensure graduation requirements will be met prior to graduation date.


School Meals

We are providing meals to ALL students at Cimarron, Eagle Nest, and Angel Fire.  Pick-up/drop off sites will be CEMS, ENEMS, Angel Sky Apartments, Angel Nest Apartments, and Lowes.  We sent out an all call to remind everyone and added a number for those unable to go to pick-up locations to leave a message, address, and number of lunches needed so that we can deliver.  The Aviand’s staff is supporting us in carrying this out.  

Looking at adding locations for delivery if needed.

Meals will be provided Monday-Friday during the closure, including spring break. 

Schedule is on Cimarron Schools website and Facebook page.


Use of Facilities

All interior facilities will be closed to all staff and community.

Exterior facilities are available to staff and public (track and playground).  These areas are not being sanitized and users will be responsible to sanitize before their use. 


Instructional Hour Requirements

The Secretary is waiving statutory instructional hour requirements, so schools will not have to make up instructional time lost to closure. 

Teachers will be sending links to activities for students throughout the break to keep students actively learning but ALL activities will be voluntary.   

There will not be mandatory assignments to complete, but we would suggest activities and practices that keep students’ brains active. 

Please encourage students to do as much as they can.  

Teachers will be available through email and phone to answer questions about the work.  

Related service providers will be asked to make packets for the services they would normally provide, but not for direct goals/objectives listed in the IEP. 


School Cleaning

Pre-K and Kindergarten classes will get close attention with cleaning to all the equipment, materials, and toys in the classes.

Teachers will be asked to come in and clear off all surface areas in order for a thorough cleaning to occur. 

Cleaning services will be completed in cooperation with contractors and in-house custodians.  The district has a contract in place to have classrooms cleaned daily, during the cancelation we will change the expectation to have contractors to support the deep cleaning for all facilities within the allowable hours of the contract.


Providing Ongoing Services

Counselors and social workers will be available to our students during the cancellation by phone, email or teleconferencing.

Administration at each school will be answering emails and phone calls during regular business hours.

Cimarron Superintendent, Adan Estrada 575-760-9551 aestrada@cimarronschools.org

Eagle Nest Principal, Lee Mills 575-377-6812 lmills@cimarronschools.org

Eagle Nest Lead Teacher, Dana McBee 806-674-1031 danamcbee@cimarronschools.org

Cimarron Principal, Jody Martinez 575-447-2572 jmartinez@cimarronschools.org

Cimarron Athletic Director and Cimarron High School Lead Teacher, Alberta Martinez 575-643-5559 almartinez@cimarronschools.org

Cimarron Elementary/Middle School Lead Teacher, Leo Martinez 505-603-9166 leomartinez@cimarronschools.org

Special Education Director, Daelena Potter 575-707-3256 dpotter@cimarronschools.org

Maintenance Director, Teddy Salazar 575-447-1467  tsalazar@cimarronschools.org

Director of Food Service, Lori Crowson  575-643-5197 cafe@cimarronschools.org

School Nurse, Amanda Sturgeon RN 719-859-5486  asturgeon@cimarronschools.org

School Nurse will be available to students and staff during the time off.

All of these services are being offered as a courtesy to our community but should not take the place of local medical providers during any emergency situations.  


Caring for our Families

Meals are being provided to ALL student age children regardless of income.  The locations for meal delivery are on the school website.


Caring for our Employees

School districts and charter schools and contractors will continue to get paid during closure as if school were still in session.  

Counselors and social workers will be available to our staff also.

The Administrative Team will be meeting by conference call each Monday at 9:00 am and identify issues and develop strategies to address those issues. 

Principals will use school email to share information for staff as needed.

Teachers will have identified support groups within the schools to continue support. 

If there is an individual concern about payroll, that staff member should speak directly to the superintendent to get a specific question answered.




Cimarron Schools will be providing technology resources for students during the closure.  All activities are voluntary at this time. 

Teachers have instructed availability to their students.  If parents have questions, please contact their child's teacher by email or by phone where teachers have given out their phone numbers.

A list of resources is accessible from school Facebook pages and school website.



PED will push back testing windows.

PED will work with school districts and charter schools to extend the testing windows and provide make-up testing windows as needed.

Wind energy class for high school students at Cimarron High School:  The site visit (climbing class) has been postponed, but students will need to continue to work on online coursework. 

High school students in Dual Credit classes will need to continue their online coursework and follow the directions of the host university.



Athletic practices and competitions will not be held during school closure.

At this time, there is an expectation that when students return, there will be a continuation to the season.

Coaches are making contact with athletes to give students an opportunity to train from HOME to be competitive when they are able to come back.  

PED is working with the New Mexico Activities Association to reschedule events and determine qualification requirements for state championship events.


State Band

The NMAA has decided to cancel the State Band competition at this time due to the restriction of group size.


Teacher Evaluations

We are extending the deadline to evaluate teachers.


Special Education Considerations

Students with Individualized Instructional Plans (IEPs) must receive the same educational opportunities as other students. Since school will be closed and instructional hours will not need to be made up, there are no differences for students with IEPs.

For schools that choose to use distance learning, students with IEPs should receive equitable services. Supports identified on a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) must be provided and districts must communicate service changes to Individualized Education Plans. This must be documented through a Prior Written Notice (PWN) and Procedural Safeguards attached.

For IEP meetings that should have occurred during a school closure but were postponed as a result of the close, documentation must be completed though a Prior Written Notice (PWN) and Procedural Safeguards must be attached.

Related service providers will be asked to make packets for the services they would normally provide in general for students that they can do alone or with support at home. 




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